13 Yrs Old Yash Chavde Scored 508 Runs – Won Match By Highest Run Margin

In a junior cricket match played in Nagpur (Maharashtra), a 13-year-old player named Yash Chavde has created history by scoring 508 runs. This score in limited overs is the highest individual score made by any Indian cricketer.

Yash Chavde, who scored 508 individual runs in an innings.
Yash Chavde, who scored 508 individual runs in an innings.

13 Yrs Old Yash Chavde scored 508 Individual Runs

When a team scores 500 runs in a limited overs cricket match, it can be believed once, but if a batsman scores more than 500 runs alone, it becomes difficult to believe.

But a 13-year-old batsman has shown the same feat. In which this player alone has scored 508 runs. His name is Yash Chavde.

Match Highlights – Saraswati School vs Siddheshwar School

The entire incident took place during a junior cricket match in Nagpur, Maharashtra, where the match was being played as part of the Mumbai Indians Junior School Tournament.

The match took place between Saraswati School and Siddheshwar School. Yash scored an unbeaten 508 while playing as an opener for Saraswati School.

Not only this, he faced only 178 balls to score so many runs. Along with this, he also hit 81 fours and 19 sixes in his marathon innings.

Playing for Saraswati School, Yash Chavde and his fellow batsman together made a huge score of 715 runs in this 40-over match without losing a wicket.

Chasing the target of 715 runs, the entire team of Siddheshwar School got all out after scoring only 9 runs in 5 overs.

Thus Saraswati School won the match by a huge margin of 706 runs. It is the biggest match win in any age group and any format in the history of cricket.

10th Player of Individual 500+ Runs

Cricket Statitician Mohandas Menon said “It is the tenth innings of more than 500 runs scored in any cricket format by a player of any age group. Before this, 9 players have scored more than 500 runs.

Yash Chavde is The 5th Player

Yash Chavde is the fifth Indian player to score more than 500 runs. Before Yash Chavde, Pranav Dhanvade scored 1009 not out, Priyanshu Molia scored 556 runs, Prithvi Shaw scored 546 runs and Dadi Hawewala played a marathon innings of 516 runs.

Pranav Dhanavde is the only batsman, who scored 1000+ individual runs in an innings.

First Batsman to Score 500+ Runs in Limited Overs

Yash Chavde is first Indian batsman who scored more than 500 individual runs in limited overs match.

All the Indian players mentioned above who scored more than 500 runs. All of those matches were scores scored in matches played over one day. But Yash Chavde has achieved this feat in limited overs and has become the first Indian and second batsman in the world to score more than 500 runs in limited overs.

Batsmen With 500+ Runs in Limited Overs

If seen in world cricket, the record of scoring more than 500 runs in limited overs is in the name of Sri Lanka’s Chirath Seleperuma, who made a personal score of 553 runs in a match played in year 2022 Under-15 cricket.

In this way, Chirath Saleperuma is the first batsman and Yash Chavde is the second batsman to score more than 500 runs in the limited overs category.

Who is Yash Chavde?

Yash Chawde, a citizen of Maharashtra, is a student of Saraswati School located in Nagpur, who is only 13 years old and plays in the junior cricket team of this school.

Yash Chavde wanted to become a skater

Yash Chavde used to skate from an early age and wanted to become a skater. For this, he gave the initial 10 years to this game and also reached the national level.

But his father did not see Yash’s future in this game and suggested Yash to go into the profession of cricket. At the behest of his father, Yash Chavre started giving his time to cricket and in this way he left skating and started playing cricket.

History of Saraswati School

Even before yesterday many talented players have passed out from Saraswati School.

Akshay Wadekar (Left) and Faiz Fazal (Right)

The current Vidarbha Ranji team captain Faiz Fazal has also been a student of Saraswati School and has played in the school’s cricket team.

Captain Face Fazal has played a long innings of 180 runs in Under 14 cricket while playing for the Saraswati School cricket team.

Apart from him, former Vidarbha wicket-keeper batsman Akshay Wadekar has also played for the Saraswati School cricket team.

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