WPL 2023 – Can RCB Women still make it to the playoffs after losing five matches?

The question is all around here “Can RCB Women still make it to the playoffs?”. So, here are some hypothetical calculations which, if implemented in the coming matches, could make it easier for RCB Women to make it to the playoffs.

Can RCB Women still make it to the playoffs?

Can RCB Women still make it to the playoffs?
Can RCB Women still make it to the playoffs ? (Image Credit- Google)

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) have started the WPL campaign on a very disappointing note, losing all the five matches they have played so far. However, there is still hope for them to finish in the top three and qualify for the playoffs. The top two teams, Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals, have dominated the tournament so far, and have consolidated their grip on the top two spots, with the remaining three teams now fighting for the third spot.

RCB’s way to the playoffs

However, it may sound impossible, but nothing is impossible in cricket. For this, some miraculous results are needed in the remaining matches, which should completely favor RCB.

As per the match result given below, nothing can stop RCB Women from going to playoffs if the result of the upcoming match comes out, but keep in mind that this is just a hypothetical calculation, not the original result; For RCB to qualify for the playoffs, the results of the remaining matches should come as per the match results given below:

Remaining MatchesWho should win ?
UP Warriorz vs RCB Women, 13th MatchRCB Women
DC Women vs Gujarat Giants, 14th MatchDC Women
MI Women vs UP Warriorz, 15th MatchMI Women
RCB Women vs Gujarat Giants, 16th MatchRCB Women
Gujarat Giants vs UP Warriorz, 17th MatchGujarat Giants
MI Women vs DC Women, 18th MatchMI Women
RCB Women vs MI Women, 19th MatchMI Women
UP Warriorz vs DC Women, 20th MatchDC Women
Speculative calculation “Can RCB Women still make it to the playoffs”

Mumbai Indians must win all remaining matches

Mumbai Indians need to win all their remaining games, and RCB need to lose their remaining matches. Thus Mumbai Indians will be on top of the table with 14 points and RCB will get 2 points.

Delhi Capitals have to win these matches

While Delhi Capitals will need to win two of their remaining three matches, losing only to Mumbai Indians. Thus Delhi Capitals will remain second with 12 points, and only 14 points will be available for the other three teams.

UP Warriorz will have to lose all the matches

Now UP Warriors have to lose all their remaining games. Because till now UP Warriors have won only 2 matches, so they will have four points.

Gujarat Giants will have to lose these matches

Gujarat Giants would go on to lose all the remaining games except one against UP Warriors. Gujarat Giants have played 5 matches so far, in which they have won only 1 match and with 1 win, Gujarat Giants have only 2 points. If this type of result comes in the remaining matches of Gujarat Giants, then it will get 4 points and RCB will come at number three with 6 points.

RCB will have to win all the remaining matches

If RCB wins their remaining three matches, then they will have 6 points and then RCB can have a chance to make it to the top three regardless of the net run rate.

In this case, RCB would need only six points to secure the third spot without relying on net run rate and if RCB wins all their remaining three matches, they would easily move to the third spot and qualify for the playoffs. Will qualify However, if UP Warriors or Gujarat Giants win one more game, both the teams will end up with 6 points each and hence the net run rate will be used.

RCB should take inspiration from last few tournaments

Despite losing all five of their matches, RCB still have a better net run rate than Gujarat Giants. While it is a daunting task, RCB can take inspiration from the past few tournaments where teams have recovered from poor starts to make it to the playoffs. For example, in the 2015–16 WBBL, the Sydney Sixers lost their opening six games and then won eight matches in a row to qualify for the semi-finals. During the 2014 IPL tournament, Mumbai Indians lost their first five matches but then won seven out of the next nine matches to make it to the playoffs.


Ultimately, RCB need to focus on winning their remaining three matches and hope that other results go in their favour. Their chances of making it to the playoffs are slim, but they should also keep in mind that some miraculous results can help them make it to the playoffs.

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