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We have a group of friends who are very passionate and enthusiastic about the game. Keeping that spirit alive, we have come together to share our love and knowledge of the game.

Mission of Sports Encounters blog

It is our Mission to provide our readers with complete information about their favorite sports, favorite teams and their favorite players, their upcoming events, their match schedules and match analysis etc.

Right now our group likes cricket a lot and now we are providing our information on news and analysis only on cricket. But it will be our endeavor to expand our knowledge and get information about other sports like football, basketball, baseball, hockey, kabaddi etc.

We have started our blog a few months before you (In December 2022) and since then we are continuously trying to provide correct and accurate information to our visitors. We are always taking care that only correct information reaches our audience and for this we are always looking for improvements and developments.

Apart from this blog, we are also active on social media where we keep sharing breaking news, live updates and exclusive content. Please also connect with our social media platforms for latest sports news and latest updates.

We are always ready to keep our blog better and better for our visitors. Even after this, if you find any error or wrong information in the information given by us, please do not hesitate to inform us about it. We are also human being and we too can make mistakes. And we are committed to correcting any errors as quickly as possible.

Apart from this, if your visitors have any suggestions or feedback to make our blog even better, please do not hesitate and contact us. We always respect the suggestions of our readers. Please give your suggestion on sport.alerts2022@gmail.com

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